Darwyn Coxson is a plant ecologist at the University of Northern British Columbia. His research expertise is in the area of plant ecophysiology and plant community ecology.  A major focus of his research has been on the ecological role of non-vascular plants, including lichens and biological soil crusts. Recent research projects include:

Biological Soil Crusts – The ecological function of biological soil crusts is being examined in grassland and alpine tundra ecosystems in B.C.

Inland Rainforest Conservation Biology – Research on wet-temperate rainforests in B.C.’s central-interior mountain ranges examines the conservation biology of old-growth forests within the upper Fraser River watershed.  

Lichen Biomonitoring – Lichen communities can provide a sensitive indication of environmental health and forest age. 

Lichen Ecology – Research on lichen ecology includes an examination of how morphological traits influence water uptake and retention and the interaction of lichen morphology with microclimate modification.

Partial-Cutting Silvicultural Systems – This research examines the influence of partial-cutting silvicultural harvest systems on epiphytic and terrestrial lichen communities, including impacts on caribou habitat availability.

Skeena River Estuary  – In a program of new research initiated in 2013 we are examining biodiversity and ecosystem function of Skeena River estuarine salt marsh communities.